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The Education of a Speculator
The Education of a Speculator
Autor: Victor Niederhoffer | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
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"This eminently readable, witty tome is...pure nectar to those who aim for consistently superior stock-market performance."--Barron's "With an original mind and an eclectic approach, Victor Niederhoffer takes the reader from Brighton Beach to Wall Street, visiting all stops of interest along the way. What emerges is a book full of insights, useful to the professional and layman alike."--George Soros "A riveting account of the games of childhood transformed into the obsessions of a contrarian winner."--Dr. James D. Watson, Nobel Laurence and co-discoverer of DNA National Bestseller! Now in Paper! One of the most successful traders of all time, Victor Niederhoffer is almost as well-known for his eccentricities as for his brilliance on the trading floor. Here, this market legend tells the complete story of his life and education and, for the first time, discusses his wins and losses in trading commodities. VICTOR NIEDERHOFFER (Weston, Connecticut) was rated the top commodity trader by Barclay Research for 1994. Mr. Niederhoffer has been trading commodities since 1979 and has written numerous articles for scholarly and professional publications, including The Financial Analysts Journal (published by the Association for Investment Management and Research).

Přidáno: 10.05.2007ISBN: 0471249483Stran: 444Cena: £ 9,79Jazyk: anglicky
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