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Managing Concentrated Stock Wealth: An Adviser's Guide to Building Customised Solutions
Managing Concentrated Stock Wealth: An Adviser's Guide to Building Customised Solutions
Autor: Timothy S Kochis | Vydavatel: Bloomberg Press
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An old adage cautions against carrying all of your eggs in a single basket. Yet many investors maintain a significant portion of their wealth in one stock, as a result of executive compensation packages, stock inheritances, IPOs, or corporate buyouts, leaving their portfolio in a dangerous position. Tim Kochis, a recognized leader in financial planning, has compiled more than fifteen strategies for managing concentrated stock wealth. The book explores the key barriers to addressing concentration risk-securities law, taxes, psychological resistance-that clients and their advisers must overcome to successfully manage concentrated stock wealth. This book fills a void in the adviser's arsenal and lays out the options available to clients. Using examples drawn from decades of work for thousands of investors, Tim Kochis shows not only what can be done, but also what actually works.

Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 1576601773Stran: 256Cena: £ 55,00Jazyk: anglicky
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