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Security Analysis: The Classic 1934 Edition
Security Analysis: The Classic 1934 Edition
Autor: Graham | Vydavatel: McGraw-Hill Professional
"My Advice? Go back to Graham and do your best to take it from there." - "Business Week". 'A classic.' Those words can be applied without equivocation to the "Security Analysis of 1934". This book secured Benjamin Graham's stature as a Wall Street immortal. The carefully honed methods for finding undervalued stocks and bonds he described here have never been equalled. These methods have already outlived their author by more than 20 years. But what of the original Security Analysis? In some ways, it too was immortal. Through five editions and ne
Přidáno: 25.10.2007ISBN: 0070244960Stran: 725Cena: £ 22,49Jazyk: anglicky 
Security Analysis: The Classic 1940 Edition
Security Analysis: The Classic 1940 Edition
Autor: Graham | Vydavatel: McGraw-Hill Professional
"Graham's ideas inspired the investment community for nearly a century." - "Smart Money". "Graham's method of investing is as relevant today as it was when he first espoused it during the Roaring Twenties." - "Investor's Business Daily". Benjamin Graham's revolutionary theories have influenced and inspired investors for nearly 70 years. First published in 1934, his "Security Analysis" is still considered to be the value investing bible for investors of every ilk. Yet, it is the second edition of that book, published in 1940 and long since out o
Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 007141228XStran: 752Cena: £ 38,24Jazyk: anglickyDoporučujeme
Security Analysis: The Classic 1951 Edition: Principles and Technique
Security Analysis: The Classic 1951 Edition: Principles and Technique
Autor: Benjamin Graham | Vydavatel: McGraw-Hill Professional
This is a timeless edition of "Security Analysis" that most closely reflects today's financial environment. Graham and Dodd's "Security Analysis" is hands-down the most influential investment book in history. The classic 1951 edition is the first edition of the bestselling investment bible that was written during a time of economic stability and prosperity. It provides investors with techniques and strategies for profitable investing in an economic environment that most resembles today. "Security Analysis: The Classic 1951 Edition" features a f
Přidáno: 04.05.2007ISBN: 0071448209Stran: 770Cena: £ 32,49Jazyk: anglickyDoporučujeme
Shareholder or Stakeholder Value: The Development of Indicators for the Control and Measur
Shareholder or Stakeholder Value: The Development of Indicators for the Control and Measurement of Performance (CIMA Research)
Autor: S. Cooper, D. Crowther, M. Davies | Vydavatel: CIMA Publishing
This research report investigates two new approaches to the management and evaluation of performance within large UK quoted companies. The first of these is that of Value-based Management, and the second Stakeholder Value. 37 interviews were carried out with senior personnel to investigate their formal and informal performance management system and superior insights were gained into the behavioral and cultural dimensions of the performance management process. It is also a CIMA endorsed research.
Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 1859714870Stran: 126Cena: £ 30,39Jazyk: anglicky 
Small Stocks for Big Profits: Generate Spectacular Returns by Investing in Up-and-coming C
Small Stocks for Big Profits: Generate Spectacular Returns by Investing in Up-and-coming Companies (Wiley Trading)
Autor: George Angell | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
Praise for SMALL STOCKS for BIG PROFITS 'George has done it again with Small Stocks for Big Profits. His in-depth experience is invaluable in helping traders explore stocks that are $5 or less, without getting caught up in the fly-by-night idea companies that plague this investment level. He shows you where to look for opportunity and more importantly how to lock in profits in this little understood investment arena. Impressive!'Noble DraKoln, author of Winning the Trading Game In Small Stocks for Big Profits, George Angell outlines an effectiv
Přidáno: 30.12.2008ISBN: 0470296658Stran: 210Cena: £ 28,89Jazyk: anglicky 
Stock Index Futures (Innovative Finance Textbooks)
Stock Index Futures (Innovative Finance Textbooks)
Autor: Charles Sutcliffe | Vydavatel: Ashgate
The global value of trading in index futures is about $20 trillion per year and rising, and for many countries the value traded is similar to that traded on their stock markets. This book describes how index futures markets work and clearly summarises the substantial body of international empirical evidence relating to these markets. Using the concepts and tools of finance, the book also provides a comprehensive description of the economic forces that underlie trading in index futures. "Stock Index Futures, 3/e" contains many teaching and learn
Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 0754641929Stran: 512Cena: £ 33,25Jazyk: anglicky 
Stock Trader's Almanac 2009 (Almanac Investor Series)
Stock Trader's Almanac 2009 (Almanac Investor Series)
Autor: Yale Hirsch, Jeffrey A. Hirsch | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
Turn to Stock Trader's Almanac 2009, the indispensable annual resource, trusted for over 40 years by traders and investors. This practical investment tool includes historical patterns and little-known market trends and tendencies to help market participants forecast market trends with accuracy and confidence. Savvy professionals like money managers and journalists use this guide, which encapsulates the historical price information on the stock market, provides monthly and daily reminders, and alerts you to seasonal opportunities and dangers so
Přidáno: 30.12.2008ISBN: 0470229020Stran: 192Cena: £ 18,89Jazyk: anglickyDoporučujeme
Stock Valuation: An Essential Guide to Wall Street's Most Popular Valuation Models (McGraw
Stock Valuation: An Essential Guide to Wall Street's Most Popular Valuation Models (McGraw-Hill Library of Investment  &  Finance)
Autor: Scott Hoover | Vydavatel: McGraw-Hill Professional
A critical, practical look at the five stock valuation models most widely used by Wall Street. Based on insights from the author's unique access to top investors, including legendary mutual fund manager Bill Miller of Legg Mason, this book describes problems and limitations behind commonly used valuation models and how readers can plan for them.
Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 0071452249Stran: 400Cena: £ 33,99Jazyk: anglicky 
Stocks for Options Trading: A Strategy
Stocks for Options Trading: A Strategy
Autor: Harvey Friedentag | Vydavatel: CRC Press
From basic option terms, to finding the best optionable stocks, to a winning investment plan creating and utilizing an option portfolio, Stocks for Options Trading: Low-Risk, Low-Stress Strategies for Selling Stock Options Profitably provides low stress tactics designed to make predictable profits when the stock market moves up, down, or sideways. Once learned these strategies allow you to accumulate assets steadily, and reach your investment goals. It clearly explains the features and risk/reward characteristics of basic options transactions,
Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 0910944075Stran: 208Cena: £ 34,19Jazyk: anglicky 
Stocks for the Long Run, 4th Edition: The Definitive Guide to Financial Market Returns &
Stocks for the Long Run, 4th Edition: The Definitive Guide to Financial Market Returns  &  Long Term Investment Strategies: The Definitive Guide to ... Returns and Long-term Investment Strategies
Autor: Jeremy J. Siegel | Vydavatel: McGraw-Hill Professional
THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO HIGH-RETURN, LOW-RISK EQUITIES-NOW UPDATED TO COVER GLOBAL STOCKS AND ETFS Stocks for the Long Run set a precedent as the most complete and irrefutable case for stock market investment ever written. Now, this bible for long-term investing continues its tradition with a Fourth Edition featuring updated, revised, and new material that will keep you competitive in the global market and up-to-date on the latest index instruments. Wharton School professor Jeremy Siegel provides a potent mix of new evidence, research, and a
Přidáno: 10.01.2008ISBN: 0071494707Stran: 436Cena: £ 13,29Jazyk: anglicky 
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An Introduction to Bond Ma
An Introduction to Bond Markets (Securities Institute)
Stran: 432
Cena: £ 20,99
Jazyk: anglicky
Tato kniha popisuje a vymezuje pojem dluhopisu v kontextu finančních trhů, taktéž popisuje jednotlivé typy dluhopisů. Dále zahrnuje pohled na jednolivé analytické modely použivané samostatnými obc
The Google Story
The Google Story
Stran: 352
Cena: £ 4,19
Jazyk: anglicky
"The Google Story" (using logo) is the definitive account of one of the most remarable organizations of our time. Every day over sixty-four million people use Google in more than one hundred languages, running
The Essays of Warren Buffe
The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Investors and Managers, Revised Edition
Stran: 240
Cena: £ 6,99
Jazyk: anglicky
The Smartest Guys in the R
The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron
Stran: 464
Cena: £ 6,99
Jazyk: anglicky
What went wrong with American business at the end of the 20th century? Until the spring of 2001, Enron epitomized the triumph of the New Economy. Feared by rivals, worshipped by investors, Enron seemingly could
Mastering the Trade: Prove
Mastering the Trade: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups (McGraw-Hill Trader's Edge Series)
Stran: 388
Cena: £ 23,99
Jazyk: anglicky
This book provides expert tactics to become and make the most of every swing trade. In Mastering the Trade, veteran trader and educator John Carter shares his hard-won five-point technique for successful swing
IPOs and Equity Offerings
IPOs and Equity Offerings (Securities Institute Global Capital Markets)
Stran: 272
Cena: £ 70,30
Jazyk: anglicky
An initial public offering (IPO) is one of the most significant events in corporate life. It follows months, even years of preparation. During the boom years of the late 1990s bull market, IPOs of growth compan