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'Forbes' Greatest Business Stories of All Time: 20 Inspiring Tales of Entrepreneurs Who Changed the Way We Live and Do Business
'Forbes' Greatest Business Stories of All Time: 20 Inspiring Tales of Entrepreneurs Who Changed the Way We Live and Do Business
Autor: Forbes Magazine Staff, Daniel Gross | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
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The editors of Forbes Magazine present the 20 most amazing business success stories of all time Meet 20 of the most successful entrepreneurs in history and profit from their incredible stories. James Pierpont Morgan. Ray Kroc. Bill Gates. John D. Rockefeller. They are recognized American business titans. Everyone knows of their staggering wealth, their ability to seize opportunities and fulfill their own American dream. But how many people know the struggles they faced, the risks they took, and the creativity they displayed as they built their businesses into unprecedented successes? Forbes Magazine, one of the world's foremost business publications, presents these remarkable stories in one invaluable collection. Everyone can learn something from these 20 tales of daring, innovation, and achievement. Each story features a prominent business personality and reveals the little-known secrets of his or her success. Read about Henry Ford's brilliant use of assembly-line production, how he created a mass market for the automobile and in the process remade American society. Find out how Mary Kay Ash built a hugely successful direct-sales cosmetics company geared towards and run almost exclusively by women. Learn how Walt Disney created the first multimedia conglomerate and pioneered the American leisure industry. Discover how Ray Kroc and McDonald's amazingly made more money in real estate than in hamburgers. It's all here in this lively book about ingenious Americans and the pioneering business ventures that changed the world we live in. DAN GROSS (Boston, MA) is a Harvard trained historian and journalist.

Přidáno: 29.10.2007ISBN: 0471196533Stran: 368Cena: £ 9,74Jazyk: anglicky
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