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Apple Inc. (Corporations That Changed the World)
Apple Inc. (Corporations That Changed the World)
Autor: Jason D. O'Grady | Vydavatel: Greenwood Press
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Two guys named Steve, working in a garage, created a prototype computer designed to be different in a way no one thought possible: It would be easy to use. Those two Steves, one now a billionaire and still at the head of Apple, not only succeeded with that product, but they also broke ground in the business world in ways few thought possible: They proved you could not only have fun at work, but pursuing a capitalist dream could be hip. How did Apple do it? How did it go from making computers that made a difference but not much of a dent in the overall market to creating a device (the iPod) and a music service (iTunes) that has changed the way we buy and experience music? And how did the MacIntosh and its successors capture the hearts and minds of computer users so deeply that being a 'Mac person' makes you a member of a special club? That's what this book is all about. As author Jason D. O'Grady shows, Apple is a rare company--one that is not afraid to think about a future that does not exist and turn it into reality. Critics have written Apple off time and again, yet it rises from the ashes to astound the critics and delight its customers. That's not luck or happenstance--it's vision, dedication, and persistence. Besides delighting Apple aficionados, this book will inspire students eager to launch a business career or work in the technology sector. Apple has never been afraid to chart its own path, and readers will learn what makes the company tick. This stimulating book:--Explains the importance of the company and the essential disruptions that changed business forever (think iPod).--Details Apple's origins and history. --Presents biographies of the founders and the historical context in which they launched the company. --Explains Apple's strategies and innovations. --Assesses Apple's impact on society, technology, processes, and methods. --Shows how Apple beat the competition in selected markets. --Details financial results over the years. --Predicts Apple's future prospects and successes. In addition, O'Grady offers special features that include a look at the colorful people associated with Apple, interesting trivia, an Apple time line, a focus on products, and where the company is headed. Apple--a company that changed, and is changing, the world.

Přidáno: 30.12.2008ISBN: 0313362440Stran: 200Cena: £ 31,95Jazyk: anglicky
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