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Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business (Adweek Books)
Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business (Adweek Books)
Autor: Jon Steel | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
A professional “pitching coach” for one of the world’s largest marketing conglomerates, Jon Steel shares his secrets and explains how you can create presentations and pitches that win hearts, minds, and new business. He identifies the dos and don’ts and uses real-world examples to prove his points. If you make pitches for new business, this is the perfect book for you.
Přidáno: 02.11.2007ISBN: 0471789763Stran: 288Cena: £ 12,99Jazyk: anglickyDoporučujeme
Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street's Champion Trader
Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street's Champion Trader
Autor: Martin Schwartz | Vydavatel: HarperBusiness
A legendary Wall Street trader journeys inside the high-stakes, high-pressure world of investment to share his secrets of financial success and offers insights into the psychology of making money.
Přidáno: 26.10.2007ISBN: 0887309569Stran: 320Cena: £ 13,99Jazyk: anglicky 
Pour Your Heart into it: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time
Pour Your Heart into it: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time
Autor: Howard Schultz | Vydavatel: Hyperion
Since 1987, Starbucks's star has been on the rise, growing from 11 Seattle, WA-based stores to more than 1,000 worldwide. Its goals grew, too, from the more modest, albeit fundamental one of offering high-quality coffee beans roasted to perfection to, more recently, opening a new store somewhere every day. An exemplary success story, Starbucks is identified with innovative marketing strategies, employee-ownership programs, and a product that's become a subculture.
Přidáno: 26.10.2007ISBN: 0786883561Stran: 368Cena: £ 8,39Jazyk: anglicky 
Practical Speculation
Practical Speculation
Autor: Victor Niederhoffer, Laurel Kenner | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
The follow-up to Victor Niederhoffer's critically and commercially acclaimed book The Education of a Speculator has finally arrived. Practical Speculation continues the story of a true market legend who ran a hugely successful futures trading firm that had annual returns of over thirty percent until unforeseen losses forced him to close operations. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Niederhoffer returned to the world of trading stocks, futures, and options, with a new colleague and a new approach and found success. Order your copy of this co
Přidáno: 26.10.2007ISBN: 0471677744Stran: 400Cena: £ 9,09Jazyk: anglickyDoporučujeme
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (A Marketplace Book)
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (A Marketplace Book)
Autor: Edwin Lef, èvre, William J. ONeil | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
Unknown to most modern-day investors and traders who cherish "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" as one of the most important investment books ever written, the material first appeared in the 1920s as a series of articles and illustrations in the Saturday Evening Post. Now, for the first time ever, this beloved classic is being made available in its original, illustrated format. You'll track the exploits of Jesse Livermore as he won and lost tens of millions of dollars playing the stock and commodities markets during the early 1900s. At one poi
Přidáno: 26.10.2007ISBN: 0471678767Stran: 272Cena: £ 13,99Jazyk: anglicky 
Autor: Noel Stein | Vydavatel: BARRICADE BOOKS
In a story embracing America's obsession with food and restaurants, Noel Stein recounts his days in the industry, beginning with his dishwashing stint at Brooklyn's legendary Garfield's Cafeteria. His charming, hilarious anecdotes include building Playboy Clubs worldwide and turning Manhattan's Bice into a multi-million dollar restaurant. Stein gives readers cogent, captivating insights into the restaurant world, offering tips and tales that will charm both passionate chefs and average diners alike.
Přidáno: 30.12.2008ISBN: 1569803544Stran: 224Cena: £ 13,59Jazyk: anglicky 
Robber Baron: Lord Black of the Crossharbour
Robber Baron: Lord Black of the Crossharbour
Autor: George Tombs | Vydavatel: ECW PRESS
Based on rigorous research, hard-hitting interviews, and original documents, this biography stands out as the most complete examination of Conrad Black, builder of the world's third-largest media empire, the Telegraph Group. Author George Tombs not only worked in Black's empire, but maintained steady communication with him over the years as a journalist, giving him exclusive access and insight into Black's opinions, ideas, values, and personality. Including 100 pages of annotated transcripts from Black's most recent fraud trial in Chicago,
Přidáno: 09.07.2008ISBN: 1550228064Stran: 350Cena: £ 16,14Jazyk: anglicky 
Sam Walton : Made in America My Story
Sam Walton : Made in America My Story
Autor: Sam Walton, John Huey | Vydavatel: Bantam USA
In an account of his rise to the top of the American retail business, the reminiscences of the billionaire retailer are combined with interviews with Walton's family and friends.
Přidáno: 29.10.2007ISBN: 0553562835Stran: 368Cena: £ 6,99Jazyk: anglickyDoporučujeme
Schumpeter's Market: Enterprise and Evolution
Schumpeter's Market: Enterprise and Evolution
Autor: David Reisman | Vydavatel: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
Schumpeter was an interdisciplinary political ecnomist who made institutional transformation the centrepiece of his theory of supply and demand. This comprehensive monograph reconstructs and assesses Schumpeter's contribution to the restless economics of entrepeneurship, disequilibrium and search. Examining the evidence from all Schumpeter's published work, the book aims to fill a gap in the literature of economic thought. Partly because Schumpeter was so prolific, partly because he touched on so many inter-related topics, there have been few b
Přidáno: 29.10.2007ISBN: 1843761645Stran: 294Cena: £ 75,00Jazyk: anglicky 
Screw it, Let's Do it: Lessons in Life (Quick Reads)
Screw it, Let's Do it: Lessons in Life (Quick Reads)
Autor: Sir Richard Branson | Vydavatel: Virgin Books
Global entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has built a business empire and made billions and is renowned for his approachability and ability to challenge and succeed against the odds. "Screw It, Let's Do It" reveals the lessons that have helped him through his business and personal life, like believing it can be done and that, if others disagree with you, try and try again until you achieve your goal; or that you must love what you do. These and other lessons, with examples of how he learned them and how he's used them, are included in this stirri
Přidáno: 29.10.2007ISBN: 0753510995Stran: 128Cena: £ 2,99Jazyk: anglicky 
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Business the Richard Brans
Business the Richard Branson Way: 10 Secrets of the World's Greatest Brand Builder (Big Shots Series)
Stran: 188
Cena: £ 6,99
Jazyk: anglicky
This is a very well written book and for less than a tenner is worth getting. It manages to give some insight into the workings of Richard Bransons Virgin empire, but certainly isn't going to turn the budding e
Softwar: An Intimate Portr
Softwar: An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle
Stran: 528
Cena: £ 10,79
Jazyk: anglicky
A history of the computer company Oracle identifies the events and sometimes controversial choices that contributed to its rise to one of the industry's most powerful and profitable companies, noting its pencha
Ben and Jerry's Double-dip
Ben and Jerry's Double-dip: Lead with Your Values and Make Money Too
Stran: 304
Cena: £ 6,74
Jazyk: anglicky
Úspěšný obchod nemusí být vždy zrealizován na úkor lidských hodnot. Zeptejte se Bena a Jerryho, kteří svůj první obchod se zmrzlinou provozovali na čerpací stanici v opuštěném Vemontu a nyní
'Forbes' Greatest Business
'Forbes' Greatest Business Stories of All Time: 20 Inspiring Tales of Entrepreneurs Who Changed the Way We Live and Do Business
Stran: 368
Cena: £ 9,74
Jazyk: anglicky
The editors of Forbes Magazine present the 20 most amazing business success stories of all time Meet 20 of the most successful entrepreneurs in history and profit from their incredible stories. James Pierpont M
How I Raised Myself from F
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling
Stran: 192
Cena: £ 4,79
Jazyk: anglicky
What are the selling secrets that raised Frank Bettger from initial failure to unparalleled success, and fame, as one of the highest paid salesmen in America? Encouraged to tell his story by admiring colleague
Get Smashed!: The Story of
Get Smashed!: The Story of the Men Who Made the Adverts That Changed Our Lives
Stran: 300
Cena: £ 9,99
Jazyk: anglicky
Between the 1960s and the 1980s some of the most influential men in the country spent most of the day in the pub and got paid more than the Prime Minister. They were responsible for transforming a lifeless adve