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Exchange Rate Economics: Theories and Evidence
Exchange Rate Economics: Theories and Evidence
Autor: Ronald MacDonald | Vydavatel: Routledge
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This new book from Ronald Macdonald contains material on the influence of fiscal policy on exchange rates, recent development in the econometric modelling of exchange rates, exchange rate modelling for developing countries and a survey of proposals for the reform of the international monetary system. As such, it will be of interest to those studying or researching in macroeconomics, international finance and international business.

Přidáno: 29.10.2007ISBN: 0415125510Stran: 450Cena: £ 30,88Jazyk: anglicky
When Washington Shut Down
When Washington Shut Down Wall Street: The Great Financial Crisis of 1914 and the Origins of America's Monetary Supremacy
Stran: 240
Cena: £ 18,95
Jazyk: anglicky
"When Washington Shut Down Wall Street" unfolds like a mystery story. It traces Treasury Secretary William Gibbs McAdoo's triumph over a monetary crisis at the outbreak of World War I that threatened the United
Applied Economics
Applied Economics
Stran: 670
Cena: £ 40,49
Jazyk: anglicky
Introduction to Econometri
Introduction to Econometrics
Stran: 480
Cena: £ 30,59
Jazyk: anglicky
Introduction to Econometrics provides students with a simple mathematics notation and step-by step explanations of mathematical proofs to facilitate a thorough understanding of the subject. Extensive exercises
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