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Mutual Fund Industry Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Investment Professionals (Boston Institute of Finance)
Mutual Fund Industry Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Investment Professionals (Boston Institute of Finance)
Autor: Lee Gremillion | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
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The book covers every aspect of the mutual fund industry, including industry history; industry structure; investment management; portfolio operations; accounting; audit; legal compliance; customer service; distribution; globalization; and e-commerce. It presents the material in an easy-to-understand, objective, logical manner, making it an ideal educational tool. This book does not advise readers on how to select mutual funds. Instead, it explains how mutual funds and the mutual fund industry work. In so doing, the author describes the cost of various mutual fund operations - both to the fund companies and to the investors. In addition, the book does a good job of presenting both sides of controversial topics, such as the fees fund charge investors; disclosure requirements; and responsibilities of fund directors. The book is an ideal learning tool and reference to the mutual fund industry.

Přidáno: 04.05.2007ISBN: 0471736244Stran: 400Cena: £ 35,99Jazyk: anglicky
Hedge Funds and Operationa
Hedge Funds and Operational Risk: A Guide to Best Practice
Stran: 159
Cena: £ 227,05
Jazyk: anglicky
Autor Armelle Guizot se ve své publikaci zaměřuje především na způsob oceňování rizik infrastruktury jednotlivých hedge fondů, řízení rizik a due dilligence včetně příkladů z praxe.
Running Money
Running Money
Stran: 320
Cena: £ 8,09
Jazyk: anglicky
A humorous expos of hedge fund politics and strategies by the author of Wall Street Meat recounts his experiences running a hedge fund, an adventure during which his partner and he tackled the market and achiev
Hedge Fund Risk Fundamenta
Hedge Fund Risk Fundamentals: Solving the Risk Management and Transparency Challenge (Bloomberg Professional Library)
Stran: 308
Cena: £ 33,25
Jazyk: anglicky
Hedge Fund Risk Fundamentals is the first book to bring these issues to the forefront. With clarity, concision, and minimal math, Richard Horwitz lays out the key components and the cutting-edge processes in th
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