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The Capital Guide to Offshore Funds
The Capital Guide to Offshore Funds
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ISI is pleased to announce the fourth edition of The Capital Guide to Offshore Funds, produced in association with Citco. Completely revised and updated for this new edition, this best-selling title includes detailed information on fund administration, choosing the optimal fund structure cross-border funds distribution, and separate chapters on the listing of funds on the stock exchanges of Bermuda, Ireland, Hong Kong, London and Luxembourg. In addition, the Guide includes a full domicile comparison of 15 offshore jurisdictions, including Bermuda, BVI, the Cayman Islands, Labuan, Ireland, the UK and Jersey. Contents Added value in fund administration Choosing the optimal fund Structure Comparative analysis of 15 offshore jurisdictions Listing offshore funds on the Bermuda Stock Exchange Regulation and practicalities of listing offshore funds in Dublin Listing offshore funds in Hong Kong Regulation and practicalities of listing offshore funds in London Listing offshore funds in Luxembourg Regulations and practicalities of listing offshore funds in the Cayman Islands Listing offshore funds in the Channel Islands Marketing regulations: France Marketing regulations: Korea Marketing regulations: Canada Marketing regulations: Switzerland Securities market developments - post-LTCM SEC Interpretations on securities transactions on the Internet Cross-border funds: distribution and tax issues Investing in Euro corporate bonds: some insights from the US experience Issues in structuring ownership and compensation for key personnel of private investment firms

Přidáno: 04.05.2007ISBN: 9627762717Stran: 190Cena: £ 120,00Jazyk: anglicky
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