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The Swaps Compendium
The Swaps Compendium
Autor: John Watson, Gavin Gray | Vydavatel: Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC
This compendium examines the conceptual background, new swap structures, swap manipulation, swap default risk, swap users, risk management of swaps, equity swaps, accounting and taxation, risk and controls, and the long-term implications of the swap. It also includes sample documentation of swaps transactions.
Přidáno: 04.05.2007ISBN: 1855644444Stran: 276Cena: £ 135,00Jazyk: anglicky 
Trading 101: How to Trade Like a Pro
Trading 101: How to Trade Like a Pro
Autor: Sunny J. Harris | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
All the solid, hands-on guidance novice traders and investors need to get started in futures and options trading Baby Boomers and retirees alike are flocking to the futures and options markets in record numbers, seeking substantial income-producing investments that outperform mutual funds and boost pension income. Trading 101 is written specifically for these investing newcomers. It not only explains market jargon and trading basics--what is a put? what is a call?--but also guides readers through the how-to's of day-to-day futures and options t
Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 0471144452Stran: 224Cena: £ 33,99Jazyk: anglicky 
Trading Commodities and Financial Future: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Markets
Trading Commodities and Financial Future: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Markets
Autor: George Kleinman | Vydavatel: Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Accelerating growth throughout China and India is driving a massive increase in demand. We are on the verge of a new and sustained boom in the commodities market.Now is the time to master the art of trading commodity futures and options. In this book, one of the world's most experienced traders introduces a proven, step-by-step methodology built on more than 25 years of success. George Kleinman begins with the basics, including an introduction to how futures and options trading works, how trading psychology impacts on commodity markets, and ho
Přidáno: 10.05.2007ISBN: 0131476548Stran: 288Cena: £ 23,79Jazyk: anglicky 
Understanding Interest Rate Swaps
Understanding Interest Rate Swaps
Autor: Mary S. Ludwig | Vydavatel: McGraw-Hill Professional
Interest rate swaps - used globally by both corporate finance departments and investment firms to control interest payments, manage debt, and enhance investment portfolios - constitute a growing $1.9 trillion market. Now, financial personnel, swap traders, corporate treasurers, and professional cash managers can turn to this clear, authoritative guide to master all the methodologies used in the international swap market. Written for anyone whose work is touched by swap market activity, the guide uses diagramming techniques to first explain what
Přidáno: 10.05.2007ISBN: 0070390207Stran: 320Cena: £ 25,49Jazyk: anglicky 
Value Investing in Commodity Futures: How to Profit with Scales Trading (Wiley Trading)
Value Investing in Commodity Futures: How to Profit with Scales Trading (Wiley Trading)
Autor: Hal Masover | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
"Value Investing in Commodity Futures" je kompletním průvodcem obchodování s futures kontrakty. Zaměřuje se především na obchodování s komoditními futures. Narozdíl od technické analýzy, která vychází především ze čtení grafů a statistických údajů je tzv. "scale trading" formou fundamentální analýzy při které investor stále pomalu nakupuje až dosáhne cenového dna a při obratu okamžitě uprodává. Hal Masover popisuje "scale trading" jako techniku, která funguje na všech komoditních trzích - trh kovů,
Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 0471348813Stran: 224Cena: £ 40,38Jazyk: anglickyDoporučujeme
What is an Exchange?: Automation, Management, and Regulation of Financial Markets: Automat
What is an Exchange?: Automation, Management, and Regulation of Financial Markets: Automation, Management and Regulation of Financial Markets
Autor: Ruben Lee | Vydavatel: OUP Oxford
Nové technologie vnesly revoluci do tradičního obchodování akcií a futures kontraktů. Dopady na jednotlivé trhy Vám přiblíží publikace od Rubena Leeho.
Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 0198297041Stran: 424Cena: £ 38,00Jazyk: anglicky 
Winning In The Future Markets: A Money-Making Guide to Trading Hedging and Speculating, Re
Winning In The Future Markets: A Money-Making Guide to Trading Hedging and Speculating, Revised Edition: A Money-making Guide to Trading Hedging and Speculating
Autor: George Angell | Vydavatel: McGraw-Hill Professional
V nově vydané publikaci "Winning on the Futures Markets" se dočtete vše o obchodních taktikách při obchodování derivátů typu futures, jak sestavit portfolio, využítí futures jako hedgingového nástroje nebo jak správně číst z grafů.
Přidáno: 10.05.2007ISBN: 1557381461Stran: 312Cena: £ 13,99Jazyk: anglicky 
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The Credit Default Swap Ba
The Credit Default Swap Basis
Stran: 195
Cena: £ 23,70
Jazyk: anglicky
The growth of the credit derviatives market has produced a liquid market in credit default swaps across the credit curve, and this liquidity has led many investors to access both the credit derivative and cash
Pricing and Hedging Swaps
Pricing and Hedging Swaps
Stran: 245
Cena: £ 145,00
Jazyk: anglicky
This book explains both the basic and advanced principles of pricing swaps and their hedge applications. Chapters describe pricing methods, swaps valuation, dealing with interest rate exposure, developing tradi
Financial Derivatives: An
Financial Derivatives: An Introduction to Futures, Forwards, Options and Swaps
Stran: 390
Cena: £ 28,99
Jazyk: anglicky
A broad-based introduction to financial derivatives which covers both the technical aspects of these instruments and the markets in which they are traded, and the underlying concepts. End-of-chapter assessment
Derivatives Demystified: A
Derivatives Demystified: A Step-by-Step Guide to Forwards, Futures, Swaps and Options (The Wiley Finance Series)
Stran: 250
Cena: £ 36,75
Jazyk: anglicky
The book is a step-by-step guide to derivative products. By distilling the complex mathematics and theory that underlie the subject, Chisholm explains derivative products in straightforward terms, focusing on a
Options, Futures and Other
Options, Futures and Other Derivatives
Stran: 816
Cena: £ 82,44
Jazyk: anglicky
How do you bring real world scenarios into your course? Or would you like to? Business Snapshots (about 60 in total, found in almost all chapters)—Carefully thought out and integrated into the main material
The Crunch: The Scandal of
The Crunch: The Scandal of Northern Rock and the Escalating Credit Crisis
Stran: 320
Cena: £ 10,79
Jazyk: anglicky
Alex Brummer traces the course of the recent financial crisis from its origins in the U.S. subprime market to its explosion onto the international scene, and reveals the potentially disastrous path down which w