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Gold Trading Boot Camp: How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor
Gold Trading Boot Camp: How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor
Autor: Gregory T. Weldon, Dennis Gartman | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
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New strategies for investing in gold, an ideal investment in today's volatile world climate unstable and uncertain global economies have occasionally made gold an exceptional investment alternative. Today, with the worldwide availability of cheap money increasing the likelihood of global recession, investors are on the threshold of experiencing just such a period. "Gold" explores how the investment environment for gold will play out over the next few years and discusses how investors of every size can take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves. Exploring a myriad of new techniques to invest in gold, from coins and bars to i-shares, index options, and more, "Gold" provides a sound overview of today's transformed precious metals arena and will help investors carefully evaluate all relevant factors before deciding whether or not the time is right for them to invest in gold.

Přidáno: 10.05.2007ISBN: 0471728004Stran: 368Cena: £ 12,74Jazyk: anglicky
Trend Following: How Great
Trend Following: How Great Traders Make Millions in Up or Down Markets
Stran: 448
Cena: £ 9,89
Jazyk: anglicky
Jak je možné, že investor John W. Henry začal jako farmář a stal se z něj miliardář a majitel baseballového klubu Boston Red Sox? Jak je to možné, že investoři jakými jsou Bill Dunn, Ed Seykota a
Foundations of Energy Risk
Foundations of Energy Risk Management: An Overview of the Energy Sector and Its Physical and Financial Markets (Wiley Finance)
Stran: 120
Cena: £ 42,00
Jazyk: anglicky
GARP's Fundamentals of Energy Risk Management introduces investors to the basic components and some of the basic terminology used in the energy industry. It covers the commodity cycle, energy use and sources, a
A Maniac Commodity Traders
A Maniac Commodity Traders Guide to Making a Fortune in the Market: A Not-so Crazy Roadmap to Riches
Stran: 233
Cena: £ 19,99
Jazyk: anglicky
Expert na obchodování s komoditami Kevin Kerr Vás provede ruznými obchodními triky a technikami, které se naučil během obchodování na burze a od legendy komoditních trhů Paula Tudora Jonese. V kniz
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