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Autor: Robert W. Kolb | Vydavatel: WileyBlackwell
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The third edition of Options is a comprehensive look at the most simple to the more complex use and structure of options. Presented in a non-mathematical format, the reader will be able to understand how options are priced, how they are traded and what their payoffs might be. Although there is a significant discussion of American options, there is also extensive coverage of foreign currency options including European options as well. A new chapter covering exotic options has been added to allow the reader to explore some of the more contemporary and complex class of options. The book is accompanied by an IBM-PC compatible program called OPTION! This program consists of nine modules and can compute all of the model prices and examples in the book. The more than 50 exercises can also be computed using the OPTION! software.

Přidáno: 05.05.2007ISBN: 157718064XStran: 368Cena: £ 27,54Jazyk: anglicky
Options Classic Approaches
Options Classic Approaches: Modelling and Pricing Risk
Stran: 475
Cena: £ 76,00
Jazyk: anglicky
* Selected 'classic' options papers from the 1960's to the 1990's, each of which as brought a truly innovative approach to the business of financial engineering * A unique compilation of papers brings together
Black Scholes and Beyond:
Black Scholes and Beyond: Option Pricing Models
Stran: 496
Cena: £ 34,84
Jazyk: anglicky
Úspěšná publikace, která se zabývá oceňováním opcí! Popisuje modely používané pro oceňování opcí - Black-Scholesův model a modely z něj vycházející, jako je např. Cox-Ross-Rubinsteinův
DeMark on Day Trading Opti
DeMark on Day Trading Options: Using Options to Cash in on the Day Trading Phenomenon
Stran: 358
Cena: £ 22,79
Jazyk: anglicky
"DeMark on Day Trading Options" je první knihou kombinující 2 dnes největší obchodní fenomény a to akciové obchodování a opční obchodování. Tom DeMark v knize prezentuje také metody tzv. opční
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