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Modern Corporate Risk Management: A Blueprint for Positive Change and Effectiveness
Modern Corporate Risk Management: A Blueprint for Positive Change and Effectiveness
Autor: Glenn Koller | Vydavatel: J Ross Publishing
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In order to maintain their position in today's competitive marketplace, companies have to constantly evaluate and reevaluate the risk inherent to their business. Because of this, many firms have instituted risk management programs to protect key investments and to implement any changes - this can be difficult for many businesses because of the sheer size and complexity of the task. "Modern Corporate Risk Management" presents practical, forward-thinking solutions to the technical, organizational, cultural, and political problems associated with portfolio risk management that can be implemented in almost any industry - from service providers, logistics, research, and information technology to legal, financial, environmental, and engineering sectors. This volume also explores new probability-related techniques and holistic-thinking methods for risk management.

Přidáno: 09.05.2007ISBN: 1932159525Stran: 296Cena: £ 38,21Jazyk: anglicky
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