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Exchange Traded Funds as an Investment Option (Finance and Capital Markets Series)
Exchange Traded Funds as an Investment Option (Finance and Capital Markets Series)
Autor: A. Seddik Meziani | Vydavatel: Palgrave Macmillan
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) are a relatively new open-ended investment vehicle. Launched in 1993, their appeal as an important and unique financial product has compelled institutional and retail investors to look anew at their almost endless possibilities. This has led to their dramatic expansion. Meziani draws from his academic and corporate expertise to straddle both theory and practice. Using this book, practitioners, academics and students alike will find a thorough explanation of the theoretical ideas underlying ETF's, along with their d
Přidáno: 04.05.2007ISBN: 1403932875Stran: 350Cena: £ 118,75Jazyk: anglicky 
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The Handbook of Fixed Inco
The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities
Stran: 1500
Cena: £ 47,99
Jazyk: anglicky
Autor Frank Fabozzivás uvede do nejdůležitější vlastností dluhopisů, preferovaných akcií a hypotečních zástavních listů.
Mergent's Dividend Achieve
Mergent's Dividend Achievers Summer 2008: Featuring First-quarter Results for 2008 (Mergents Dividend Achievers)
Stran: 360
Cena: £ 25,49
Jazyk: anglicky
Mergent's Dividend Achievers is a compact, easy-to-use reference that provides basic financial and business information on companies that have increased their cash dividend payments for at least ten consecutive
The Age of Turbulence: Adv
The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World
Stran: 544
Cena: £ 17,50
Jazyk: anglicky
The most remarkable thing that happened to the world economy after 9/11 was ...nothing. What would have once meant a crippling shock to the system was absorbed astonishingly quickly, partly due to the efforts o
Mastering the Trade: Prove
Mastering the Trade: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups (McGraw-Hill Trader's Edge Series)
Stran: 388
Cena: £ 23,99
Jazyk: anglicky
This book provides expert tactics to become and make the most of every swing trade. In Mastering the Trade, veteran trader and educator John Carter shares his hard-won five-point technique for successful swing
How I Raised Myself from F
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling
Stran: 192
Cena: £ 4,79
Jazyk: anglicky
What are the selling secrets that raised Frank Bettger from initial failure to unparalleled success, and fame, as one of the highest paid salesmen in America? Encouraged to tell his story by admiring colleague
Dynamic Technical Analysis
Dynamic Technical Analysis (Wiley Trading)
Stran: 150
Cena: £ 63,75
Jazyk: anglicky
Gets traders and investors up to speed on the hottest new approach to predicting the markets One of the most talked-about new forecasting tools in today's international markets, dynamic technical analysis (