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Corporate Hedging in Theory and Practice: Lessons from Metallgesellschaft
Corporate Hedging in Theory and Practice: Lessons from Metallgesellschaft
Autor: C.L. Culp, M.H. Miller | Vydavatel: Risk Books
The book targets sophisticated audiences. Concepts are well developed, rigorous presented and meticulously referenced. There is some mathematics, but it appears primarily in later chapters. Audiences include managers interested in policy, traders who must understand complex hedging strategies and readers interested in the fall of Metallgesellschaft. For risk managers, both at financial organizations as well as corporations, the entire book is a gem.
Přidáno: 09.05.2007ISBN: 1899332391Stran: 240Cena: £ 137,75Jazyk: anglicky 
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Microeconomics (Pie)
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