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'Forbes' Greatest Business Stories of All Time: 20 Inspiring Tales of Entrepreneurs Who Ch
'Forbes' Greatest Business Stories of All Time: 20 Inspiring Tales of Entrepreneurs Who Changed the Way We Live and Do Business
Autor: Forbes Magazine Staff, Daniel Gross | Vydavatel: John Wiley & Sons
The editors of Forbes Magazine present the 20 most amazing business success stories of all time Meet 20 of the most successful entrepreneurs in history and profit from their incredible stories. James Pierpont Morgan. Ray Kroc. Bill Gates. John D. Rockefeller. They are recognized American business titans. Everyone knows of their staggering wealth, their ability to seize opportunities and fulfill their own American dream. But how many people know the struggles they faced, the risks they took, and the creativity they displayed as they built their
Přidáno: 29.10.2007ISBN: 0471196533Stran: 368Cena: £ 9,74Jazyk: anglickyDoporučujeme
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Applying Elliott Wave Theo
Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably (Wiley Trading)
Stran: 256
Cena: £ 37,99
Jazyk: anglicky
Autor Steven Poser ve své publikaci objasňuje čtenářům analýzu trhu, která se nazývá "Elliott Wave Theory". Tato analýza pomáhá investorům předpovídat pohyby jednotlivých kurzů a aplikovat tak
The Four Pillars of Invest
The Four Pillars of Investing: Lessons for Building a Winning  Portfolio: Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio
Stran: 240
Cena: £ 14,44
Jazyk: anglicky
Here is the sound, sensible advice from a hero to frustrated investors everywhere. William Bernstein's "The Four Pillars of Investing" gives investors the tools they need to construct top-returning portfolios -
Big Shots: 10 Secrets of t
Big Shots: 10 Secrets of the World's Greatest Deal Maker - Business the Rupert Murdoch Way (Big Shots Series)
Stran: 192
Cena: £ 8,99
Jazyk: anglicky
Now brought completely up-to-date for this new edition, Business The Rupert Murdoch Way not only reveals the secrets of Murdoch's remarkable success but also draws out the universal lessons and identifies strat
The Fundamentals of Hedge
The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management: How to Successfully Launch and Operate a Hedge Fund (Wiley Finance)
Stran: 192
Cena: £ 45,50
Jazyk: anglicky
This book offers the tools and techniques needed to successfully launch and maintain a hedge fund. In "The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management", both budding and established hedge fund managers will learn the
Commodity Options: Trading
Commodity Options: Trading and Hedging Volatility in the World's Most Lucrative Market
Stran: 288
Cena: £ 19,54
Jazyk: anglicky
Investors worldwide are discovering the enormous opportunities available through commodity options trading. However, because commodities have differing underlying characteristics from equities, commodity option
Security Analysis: The Cla
Security Analysis: The Classic 1940 Edition
Stran: 752
Cena: £ 38,24
Jazyk: anglicky
"Graham's ideas inspired the investment community for nearly a century." - "Smart Money". "Graham's method of investing is as relevant today as it was when he first espoused it during the Roaring Twenties." - "