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The Threat of Non-Traditional Security in the Asia-Pacific: The Dynamics of Securitisation (Regionalism & Regional Security)
The Threat of Non-Traditional Security in the Asia-Pacific: The Dynamics of Securitisation (Regionalism  &  Regional Security)
Autor: Ralf Emmers | Vydavatel: Times Academic Press,Singapore
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This work studies the non-traditional security agenda in the Asia-Pacific, focusing particularly on the dynamics of securitisation. It questions why and how some issues are securitised and examines the policy outcomes that derive from securitising these concerns. The conceptual discussion draws upon but also modifies the theory of securitisation and desecuritisation originally advanced by the Copenhagen School. The empirical study analyses Thailand's securitisation of drug trafficking, Singapore's combined securitisation of sea piracy and maritime terrorism, and Australia's securitisation of people smuggling. These various issues can be defined as forms of transnational crime. The case studies consider the rhetoric used by the three countries concerned as well as their policy responses at the unilateral, bilateral and multilateral level. READERSHIP: Academics, policy-makers and administrators, and those interested in the study of regionalism and regional security.

Přidáno: 09.05.2007ISBN: 9812103473Stran: 84Cena: £ 12,99Jazyk: anglicky
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